Why Do I Always Face The Brick Wall...

I sometimes feel boxed in with no way of escape. There always seem to be those brick walls in my path, trying to stop me from reaching a goal.  I look to the side, brick wall.  I look to the rear, brick wall.  I sometimes even look up. Brick ceiling!! 

Well, I do know that if I want something bad enough, I can bulldoze my way through those walls or if they are really  strong walls, can enlist the aid of friends and family to help me overcome them. 

Since there always seems to be brick walls, there must be a reason for them....

As I contemplate this it occurs to me that the brick walls do stop some from accomplishing their goals.  Why can one, remove the walls, when others don't find a way?

I think it may have something to do with desire.  How much do we desire to accomplish a goal.  When I think back, really think about what walls have fallen and what walls I have left standing, it is the walls that prevented me from doing something I really desired.  Things that I just gave a passing interest to, had walls that were left standing. I didn't desire that thing enough to put forth the effort too knock those walls down.

Walls are there to challenge our desire!  If you desire it, I will help you knock down your walls, if you help me knock down the important ones for me.


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